Download PDF: Warranty terms of trailers

The warranty terms are the basis for providing warranty and resolving warranty related issues for trailers manufactured by AS Respo Haagised (hereinafter ‘the manufacturer’). Mobile office trailers have separate warranty conditions J-M-006.

1. The manufacturer shall provide a 2-year warranty for main construction of the trailer covering the cost of fixing production and material defects;

2. The warranty period starts from the moment the trailer is transferred to the end customer

3. The manufacturer guarantees that at the time of manufacture the trailer complies with all the requirements of the EC directives currently and that it has no material or factory defects. In the event of non-compliance with these requirements, the manufacturer wqtakes to eliminate them at their own expense.

4. The guarantee only applies when the purchaser is able to provide the trailer passport or the original purchase document, and if the trailer has a clearly identifiable VIN code or if the purchaser has clearly demonstrated the origin and the date of purchase of the trailer.

5. The warranty does not expire when the owner of the product changes.

6. The following scenarios are not covered by the warranty:

  • if the owner fails to inform the dealer about a defect discovered on the trailer within 3 business days of its discovery.
  • if the owner does not co-operate in eliminating the defect by failing to provide necessary additional information and evidence, and does not co-operate with the dealer in drawing up the claim act V-M-002;
  • if the trailer has been repaired or rebuilt without the consent of the manufacturer;
  • damage caused by improper storage or retention by the customer and the dealer
  • changes to parts caused by natural wear and tear (tyres, brake pads / discs, rubber shock absorbers, rims, lights, bulbs, etc.);
  • defects caused by misuse of the trailer, external factors or non-compliance with the requirements of the operating and maintenance manual:
    • overload,
    • cleaning marks,
    • improperly pressurised tyres,
    • wrong sized or unbalanced wheels and wheels with unexamined fasteners,
    • defects in the electrical system and hub caused by pushing the trailer into too deep water
    • defects caused by flying gravel or snow, road salt, or other chemical substances,
    • fire, vandalism, theft, natural disasters
  • defects caused due to incorrect use of the coupling device;
  • mechanical damage discovered after the trailer has been handed overt to the buyer;
  • defects caused due to the owner adding details to the trailer that are not part of its original equipment, or altering the construction of the trailer;
  • defects and malfunctions caused due to the use of a trailer that has not undergone maintenance inspection;
  • changes due to the natural characteristics of the materials used, or defects caused by environmental effects (aging of paint or coating, fading, surface defects to galvanised materials, etc.);
  • trailers with expired warranties.

7. Under warranty terms, the elimination of malfunctions/defects shall be carried out in one of the following ways:

  • repairing the malfunctioning/defective part or product,
  • replacing the malfunctioning/defective part or product with a new one;

8. A written complaint form must be prepared for each warranty case in accordance with Form V-M-002.

9. Any claims from the buyer must be reported to an authorized Respo dealer who has sold the trailer.

10. The manufacturer shall respond to the claim within 5 working days, or after check-up, in cases where a thorough technical inspection is required.

11. Under warrenty replaced or repaired parts warrenty is valid for the duration of the product warrenty.

12. All replaced parts, components or the trailer itself, shall be transferred to the manufacturer for further technical inspection.

13. Only original parts and components may be used for warrenty repairs.

14. The repair of defects fixed during the warranty period shall be arranged by the sales representative or reseller who sold the product, in order to do so, the manufacturer shall be contacted for further activities.

15. Transport of the product to the place of warranty repair and back takes place at the expense of the buyer.

16. The product brought in for repair or maintenance must be empty and clean, otherwise it will not be accepted by the person performing the work. If additional cleaning or maintenance is required, this cost will be borne by the owner of the product.

17. Defects identified by the dealer during the pre-sale inspection shall be eliminated in accordance with these terms and conditions

18. The distributor is obliged to check the quality and quantities of the received products at the time of acceptance and to forward the fixed non-conformities to the manufacturer within 3 days at the latest. Damage caused during transport must be fixed by the dealer before unloading the goods. After acceptance, the responsibility for the condition of the products passes to the dealer.